Renter’s guide


Making a reservation
By filling in the RESERVATION Form, you can check the car rental price and make an on-line reservation in few simple steps. Acquaint yourselves with current promotions and discounts and choose the most suitable car at an attractive price. Please note that the reservation will be accepted for a specific car group whereas the specified model and accessories are given only as an example and may actually differ or change.

Confirmation of the reservation by the Renter
In order to confirm the information provided, in the last step of filling the reservation form, perhaps you will be asked to give your personal details and perhaps credit card data. They shall only be used for the verification purpose and for preparing the rental contract. We shall make no payment transaction with the credit card without your permission and knowledge.
The charge shall be paid by you in our office not before than on the day of the car pick up.

NOTE: Our website is on a protected server and all information provided by you in this form are coded.

Confirmation of reservation by JOKA Rent A Car
Once the system accepts the on-line reservation, the reservation is verified by JOKA Rent A Car personnel on the next business day (except Saturday, Sunday, church or public holyday) from 09:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Please expect a written Confirmation of Reservation with the name of the JOKA Rent A Car personnel member; such a Confirmation will be sent to the indicated e-mail address.

Please remember that only a Confirmed Reservation is a guarantee that the service will be provided as ordered.

Cancellation of reservation
If you wish to cancel the reservation made, you can do it free of charge by sending a written notice  minimum 24 hours prior to the planned rental, by e-mail to the respective division of JOKA Rent A Car. Failure to cancel the reservation shall result in charging you with the costs incurred by us in an amount corresponding to 1 rental day + resultant additional charges.


Driving Licence
A precondition for making a rental contract is the Renter’s having a driving license of an appropriate category (in Poland, it is category B for passenger cars) as valid for minimum 12 months.

International driving license
Pursuant to the road traffic regulations effective in Poland, some foreigners are supposed to have an international driving license document. A lack of such a document is treated under regulations as a lack of a license to drive a car.
You can find a list of foreign driving licenses accepted in Poland at the bottom of this page. ↓

Renter’s age
The Renter must comply with the terms related to the minimum age, i.e. he/she must be minimum:

21 years old in case of cars from groups B and B+
25 years old in case of cars from groups C, CSW, D, DSW, E


Execution of the rental contract
In order to sign the rental contract, the Renter shall submit the following documents:
identity card or passport (a foreigner)
driving license
credit card

We accept credit card generally accepted in Poland:
American Express,
Diners Club, Japan Credit Bureau JCB, MasterCard, Visa.

A copy of the rental contract shall be issued to the Renter together with the car documents (registration card and automotive liability insurance policy). 

Rental period
The rental day lasts 24 hours, starting from the time when the car was issued to the Renter. Extending the time for another hours results in charging the Renter for another rental day. Only 1 hour delay is tolerated.

In the Renter’s presence, the so called pre-authorisation shall be made on the credit card account, i.e. blocking of financial means as deposit for the time of the car rental. The deposit amount covers the predicted cost of the rental, additional charges and franchise. (In some cases, the deposit amount is set individually by JOKA Rent A Car and then it may be higher).

Car inspection
Out of concern for your comfort and safety, all cars in our fleet are systematically surveyed at Qualified Service Stations in compliance with the schedule stated by the car manufacturer. The car is each time prepared for delivery and checked by our employee.

The inspection includes:
stancleanliness inside and outside the car
technical condition (engine oil level, windscreen washer fluid level, efficiency of brakes and lights, tires condition)
obligatory equipment (spare wheel or repair kit with tools, extinguisher).

The type and level of the vehicle fuel is stated and marked in Handover Report. The fuel level is always designated as 1/1 since the vehicle is issued to the Renter with a refilled fuel tank.

Issuance of the car to the Renter
In your presence, there shall be signed a car handing-over document where the mileage, the type and size of tires, accessories, possible defects or other Renter’s comments on the vehicle technical condition shall be stated. A copy of the document shall be handed over to the Renter.


Renter’s responsibilities:

  • Observance of vehicle traffic regulations.
    The Renter shall bear all the costs resulting from using the car in the rental period, including but not limited to: parking fees, road fees, tickets. (Pursuant to the Road Traffic Act, the Renter is obliged to disclose the Renter’s and the user’s data to respective state agencies subject to the Personal Data Protection Act.)
  • Car failure.
    In the event of any technical problems or a car failure, the driver shall stop the car and immediately notify the Renter by phone so that the Renter can undertake relevant actions and render assistance.
  • Collision, road accident, damage to or theft of rented car.
    In each of the cases above mentioned above, the Renter shall immediately call in the police to the incident site and notify the Renter so that the Renter can undertake relevant actions and render technical assistance.
  • Tire failure.
    In such a case the Renter should install a spare wheel or use the repair kit an then repair the damage at the nearest repair shop at the Renter’s expense. If the tire has been destroyed, the Renter shall supplement, at the Renter’s expense, the tires with the one with identical parameters as the damaged tire, in agreement with JOKA Rent a Car and upon the JOKA’s consent.

It is forbidden:

1. To smoke tobacco in the vehicle (stipulated penalty according to the rental terms).
2. To use the vehicle, without the JOKA Rent A Car written consent, by a person other than the Renter (paid service).
3. To use the vehicle while being under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogenic agents, drugs or other psychotropic substances.
4. To leave the territory of Poland in the car without the JOKA Rent A Car written consent (paid service).
5. To use the vehicle in races, rallies and other sports competitions, to tow other vehicles, trailers or objects.
6. To transport animals; people or things for profit or substances or things that are dangerous, inflammable, toxic, radioactive, corrosive or otherwise harmful for people or property.
7. To use the vehicle for any activities that are illegal in the territory of Poland or any other state if the car is used there upon the Renter’s consent.


Car Insurance CDW and TW
The vehicle is covered with a civil liability insurance (the so called OC) as well as against a damage by fault of the Renter (the so called AutoCasco AC or Collision Damage Waiver CDW) and theft protection (Theft Waiver TW).

The Renter’s insurance PAI
The Renter’s and passengers are covered with an additional personal accident insurance (the so called NNW insurance or Personal Accident Insurance, PAI ).

The Renter’s responsibility
The Renter shall be responsible for any damage to or loss of the car. Through acceptance of the General Insurance Terms in the rental contract, the liability is limited to the maximum amount of franchise (franchise is the maximum amount of money you will have to pay in case your car rental is damaged with Renter’s faul for whatever reason: damage, accident or theft). In the event of damage or theft, the Renter shall each time pay a franchise corresponding to the damage value, however in a maximum amount not higher than.

The amount of the franchise is calculated as follows:

up to PLN 1,230 for any damage related cars of groups: B, B+
up to PLN 1.830 for any damage related cars of groups: C, CSW, D, DSW
up to PLN 3.660 for any damage related cars of group: E

The damage value corresponds to the costs of repair or replacement of damaged vehicle elements as applied by repair shops or service centers cooperating with JOKA Rent A Car.

The duty to pay the franchise shall only arise when:

the damage to the vehicle has occurred due to the Renter’s fault
the damage perpetrator has not been indicated in the police official report
the vehicle has been lost in all or in part as a result of any form of a theft, fraud, willful taking or misappropriation
the damage has occurred due to the Renter’s intentional fault or gross negligence.

For damages caused by liability insurance (OC) the Renter don’t pay the franchise.


For an additional fee Renter’s buys „Abolition of participation in CDW &TW damage”, means reduced Renter”s liability till PLN 0 in case of :

a) Car theft ( provided the return of car keys, car registration documents and incurance policy ).
b) Theft of external parts of the car: radio aerial, each hubcap, wiper blade.
c) Damage of car external surfaces (painted or from synthetic materials).

Necessary condition for use of this abolition, is notification a proper territorially Police unit in case of any of these events.

Additional charge for abolition of participation in a car damage is:
45,00 PLN per day for groups B, B+
70,00 PLN per day for groups C, CSW, D, DSW
140,00 PLN per day for group E

The Renter shall be liable in full for damage arisen due to the Renter’s premeditated action or negligence and also in the case of:
– infringements of traffic rules
– infringements of „General Car Rental Terms and Conditions JOKA KAMIŃSKI SP. J.”
– participation in a contest, rally, race show or any other event of that sort,
– damages as a result ofdriving the car under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances or without a valid driving licence,
– fleeing the scene of the accident or collision
– failing to fulfil the duties required by the insurer resulting in the insurer’s refusal to pay compensation due to the Renter’s fault
– shortage of car keys or registration documents of insurance policy
– leaving territory of Poland without the Owner’s written permission
– burning or other damage of car upholstery , leaving permanent stains
– damage of the car interior
– tanking inappropriate kind of fuel.

Damages excluded form „Abolition of participation in CDW & TW damage”
are covered by Renter in amount of franchise.

– damage of the car chassis
– damage any of car window
– damage or theft of car mirror
– damage or theft of aluminium rim
– damage of theft of the tyre
– damages not covered by insurance CDW and TW.


Termination of the rental contract

The Renter shall:
return the vehicle at the place and time specified in the rental contract
return the registration card, insurance policy, vehicle’s keys

Car return record
The vehicle should be returned in the same technical condition in which it was handed over to the Renter, i.e. in a condition not worsened more than to the degree resulting from a proper use of the vehicle. With the use of the handing-over document executed on the vehicle rental date, our personnel member shall check the car together with you and shall draw up a vehicle return document.
Should any additional damage be found, the Renter shall be charged with the franchise on the basis of the Renter’s liability as defined in section „CAR RENTAL INSURANCE”.

The fuel tank in the returned vehicle should be refilled. When the fuel level is lower than 1/1, the Renter would be charged with costs of the missing fuel according to JOKA Rent A Car current price list.

Payment and deposit
The total rental cost shall be calculated on the basis of the actual rental period while taking into account the charges for additional services. The amount due shall be collected from the credit card account and the deposit secured shall be annulled through placing a written order to the credit card operator, the company First Data Polska S.A. The invoice documenting the payment shall be handed over to the Renter in a paper or electronic form.

Have a safe journey with JOKA Rent A Car !


Under Article 94 of the Law of Road Traffic Act of June 20, 1997 , the valid (during the period of validity) FOREIGN DRIVING LICENCE shall authorize to drive within the territory of the Republic of Poland a relevant motor vehicle, if issued by:

I. A member state of the European Union:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Italy.

II. A member state of the Swiss Confederation

III. A member state of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA)
(the abovementioned countries were omitted):
Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway.

IV. A state that is a party to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic 1968:
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Central African Republic
Co-operative Republic of Guyana
Czech Republic
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Federal Republic of Brazil
Federal Republic of Germany
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
French Republic
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Hellenic Republic
Islamic Republic of Iran
Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Italian Republic
Kingdom of Bahrain
Kingdom of Belgium
Kingdom of Denmark
Kingdom of Morocco
Kingdom of Norway
Kingdom of Sweden
Oriental Republic of Uruguay
Principality of Monaco
Republic of Albania
Republic of Austria
Republic of Belarus
Republic of Bulgaria
Republic of Croatia
Republic of Cuba
Republic of Estonia
Republic of Finland
Republic of Kazakhstan
Republic of Latvia
Republic of Lithuania
Republic of Moldova
Republic of Niger
Republic of San Marino
Republic of Senegal
Republic of Seychelles
Republic of Slovenia
Republic of South Africa
Republic of Tajikistan
Republic of the Ivory Coast
Republic of the Philippines
Republic of Uzbekistan
Republic Of Zimbabwe.
Russian Federation
Slovak Republic
State of Israel
State of Kuwait
State Union of Serbia and Montenegro
Swiss Confederation

Citizens of other countries (not mentioned above) must have INTERNATIONAL DRIVING LICENSE.

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